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Industrial Training at Atrenta Lanka (Pvt) Ltd as a Verification Engineer

R&D Center in Grenoble, France

R&D Center in Grenoble, France

Atrenta Inc. is a SoC realizing company which embodied with number of sales offices, R&D centers and support offices in several locations across the globe. Company provides software solutions which aims to improve design efficiency of complex Systems on Chips (SoC) in terms of performance, power, area, etc. at an early stage. The main customers are world’s leading semiconductor and consumer electronics companies such as Intel, Fujitsu, IBM, etc. since they are keen on finding the least expensive path to silicon. This is a presentation on how I interacted with Atrenta in brief.

It was 18th of November in 2013. I stepped into a building situated in Lukshmi Garden near Borella junction, Sri Lanka and went straight to the multinational company at 2nd floor where I was interviewed for the industrial training and got selected. After a little delay at the reception, the Administration Manager came and asked me to come inside the office.

Sri Lankan Branch Map

Sri Lankan Branch Map

It was a dream venue that I wanted to work with. The internship position came was not a just-in-time incident. It had a long process which gave me the real experience in recruitment. Once the internship period was announced, first of all I tried to comprehend the profession which matches me most with the strength and weaknesses I have. At the end I have decided to pursue my career in Digital Design or Biomedical Engineering. Before I applied to Atrenta I communicated with people who had experience in these fields. They convinced me that Atrenta would be a one-off opportunity that I should consider for my future career. So I decided to raise my hand on applying Atrenta with three other batch mates for two positions that Atrenta offer.

I had been there before few weeks back for the interview where I had one technical exam related to Digital System Design plus a face-to-face interview. At the technical exam, I could comfortably answer all the questions. With that I was taken through stiff questionnaires from a senior verification engineer in the company including technical aspects. (Motivation – If you are to face a technical exam prior to an interview, what all you want to do is, pump your knowledge with every bit of grain and answer them confidently, perhaps more intelligently. If anything went wrong in the exam, don’t be disappointed. You would probably be able to rectify it in the very next interview as most of the time they will ask questions related to that. Perhaps talk little bit more. Easy nah! ) Later we have informed that they have only recruited me and only me. That was a wordless moment. Initial information related to two positions was misinterpreted by our batch as one position was intended for an undergraduate from Computer Science Engineering Department. By the way, I was impressed to have this one-off opportunity where I believe that it helped me out in sorting my future career in to this particular field. Oh I have gone bit into the flashback.

Where I was? 18th right. I was provided with all the necessaries that a new employee would get. It included a separate laptop, power cable, battery, work station, telephone with extension (later), etc. In addition to that inventories like FPGA boards and technical facilities like separate central server location, software (SpyGlass, GenSys) access, separate mail id, conference call facilities whenever needed, etc. were also provided. At the induction we were introduced to the personnel in side the company and from that on wards they started to consider us also a part of their organization family.

Working at Atrenta is not only about coding

Working at Atrenta is not only about coding

It was a 24 weeks of short term technical training which we were advised about. But the time I spent in Atrenta did not make me feel uncomfortable by any means. The exposure I got within nearly a six months period of time is immense and impossible to sum up here. Being in Atrenta family gave me the real exposure on evolving a company of this magnitude to a higher margin in the industry. Though Atrenta started with few engineers in November of 2012 the number of graduated and skilled employees working at Atrenta has now grown up to 50. This evidences the fact how attractive the company was of hiring high skilled workforce in this short period. During my stay the company was expanded their workplace by fabricating and partitioning another floor in the same building. It was followed by a change in working place which made the working place more enthusiastic.

New floor

New floor which was expanded

Every personnel in the company assisted the interns wherever it was needed. We never experienced a gap between senior employees and interns. Such was the culture they had been evolved with. The collaborative native in discussions, conferences, meetings, etc. paves the way of building my professional career. The team including officials from local office and overseas gave me the feeling of being in a team in industry level. By 2nd of May in 2014, we could successfully complete the 24 weeks industrial training. The works I carried out in between are overviewed in the Industrial Training Report and the Training Presentation attached herewith.

Industrial Training Report

Training Presentation